Phillies LHP Cole Hamels intentionally hits Nationals rookie outfielder Bryce Harper. Hamels was fined nearly $409,000 and suspended for 5 games (Photo courtesy of tucsoncitizen.com)

Normally when a pitcher hits a batter intentionally, the fans have a good idea it’s coming…either as a payback pitch for pimping a homerun, or because the opposing pitcher threw at one of your own teammates. However, this was not the case when Cole Hamels decided to plunk rookie sensation Bryce Harper with a fastball to the lower back in Philly’s 9-3 win over the Nationals on Sunday night. This was simply a “welcome to the big leagues” plunking… and Hamels wasn’t shy about saying exactly that. All he had to do was say “it slipped”, and there would have been nothing the league could have done. Instead, Hamels decided to be completely and bluntly honest. He said it was his way of welcoming the rookie to the big leagues.

As a Braves fan, I’m not much of a Phillies fan at all, and don’t care for any of their players either. When I heard the news that Hamels was getting a 5 games suspension for his “welcoming pitch”, I wasn’t all that shocked. Then came the breaking news that wasn’t mentioned as much… Hamels was also fined nearly $409,000 for his purpose pitch. THAT IS INSANE!

The first thing I thought of was Steelers LB James Harrison laughing out loud after hearing this news. Harrison is known for getting fined for his borderline illegal hits on opposing QBs, RBs, and WRs. But he has NEVER been fined anywhere close to a half million dollars… AND HE IS HANDING OUT CONCUSSIONS!

Do I agree with what Hamels did? No, I don’t really see the point. Do I agree with the league suspending him? Not really, pitchers hit batters all the time. I recently coined the phrase: “He who holds the ball decides where it goes.” Do I agree with the league fining Hamels nearly a half of a million dollars for hitting someone with a pitch in the lower back? ABSOLUTELY NOT! That is hard for me to comprehend, quite honestly. I am a division one college pitcher, so I have the ability to throw at anyone I want. Now, I don’t exercise that right very often, but I have thrown at hitters in my time. It’s part of the game. Would I admit that I intentionally hit a batter for no reason? Nope. Bad move Hamels, that was quite foolish of you to be honest. But the fine was about $400,000 too steep.

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One thought on “Cole Hamels Fined/Suspended

  1. We were cool until you said you were a Braves fan. lol Seriously though, I did not know the fine was $400,000. Selig lost his fricken mind. I don’t have a problem with Cole hitting Harper. Back in the day, rookies used to get plunked all the time. I have a problem with Cole admitting it. Do you know what else bothered me about the whole situation? Cole threw at him but hit him where yea, he’d have a bruise. Zimmerman threw right at Cole’s knee which could have done some serious damage to the pitcher. Oh well, it’s over. Great post by you!

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